Hana recalls Frozen Fish Cake over undeclared egg

On Mar 4, 2022, Hana brand issued a recall for their product - Frozen Fish Cake (UPC:0807780013075, Size: 800 g).

Hana is a brand of 21 Century Trading Inc and they strive to provide the highest quality service for their customers.
Their warehouse supplies restaurants and supermarkets with the highest quality seafood, meats, and fresh groceries sourced locally and from around the world.

The product has been recalled to undeclared eggs allergen.
According to Health Canada, “Do not use, sell, serve or distribute the affected product.”

For more information related to the recall, visit Health Canada at Hana brand Frozen Fish Cake recalled due to undeclared egg - Canada.ca.

The recall is regional and affects region(s) - Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba.

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